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Investment portfolio.
A space for smart investments

Investment portfolio is a universal instrument that suits both newbies and experienced investors
Perfect balance between profitability and risks
Agressive and conservative portfolios with monthly profitability of up to 25%

Investment portfolio is a universal instrument that suits both newbies and experienced investors. It allows to distribute your investments among several assets and, as a result, to increase your profitability. The core advantage of an investment portfolio is the balance of assets.

Binary Option Fx Trade specializes in building investment portfolios that provide stable income.


Portfolio X

20 Aeroflot shares


No matter how carefully Investor X has assessed the risks, in case of price depreciation of their only asset,
they sustain losses.:(

Portfolio Y

20 assets (Apple, Aeroflot, Citygroup, Nike and others)

Investor Y possesses 20 assets. Even if 5 of them fall in price, the other 15 will bring profit. Thus, the farseeing investor will benefit. :)

Advantages of Binary Option Fx Trade investment portfolios:

Investment portfolio is formed with the help of professionals based on the asset stability evaluation and profitability forecast.
The investor has access to over 330 CFD instruments to manage their portfolio.
Possibility of forming an investment portfolio for any budget.
Leverage for CFD in Binary Option Fx Trade is one of the most favorable on the market.
Thanks to smart funds distribution, the general level of investment risk is perfectly balanced.
Personal manager.
You can create different types of portfolios: by the market (stock, precious metals, commodity and raw materials futures, Forex); by countries (USA, EU, Russia) and by other categories, also by risk level and profitability.
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