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We offer superior service for the selected clients actively trading with large volumes. Once the total balance of your accounts reaches 100,000 USD (or the equivalent in another currency), you will automatically receive the status of a VIP-client* with the best trading conditions and priority service
VIP Benefits
  • manager
    You personal manager is ready to answer any enquiry you may have at anytime
  • vip-line
    VIP line
    Your enquiries are answered in the first instance through your exclusive VIP line
  • no-commission
    No commissions
    We will cover your deposit and withdrawal fees
  • free-ed
    Training courses and consultations with financial analysts are free of charge
  • persent
    24% annual interest
    Get your interest at the end of each month for all the months during which you did not withdraw funds from your account
  • avans
    Request a credit for an amount not exceeding $10 000 for 5 days. Once the request is submitted, GC financial department will process your request during the next 24 hours. The credit amount cannot exceed 30% of your account balance.
  • individual-portfolio
    Investment Portfolio
    Our professional consultants will help you build up your personal portfolio according to your preferences.
  • swap
    Better trading conditions
    Swaps are up to 30% lower

* VIP statuses are assigned during daily monitoring. VIP status will be removed in case of insufficient value of cumulative balance for 60 days (2 months). A client can refuse VIP status. Binary Option Fx Trade, Ltd. reserves the right to deprive the client of VIP status without giving any reason.
VIP status of the client will be removed in case of insufficient amount of the cumulative balance for 60 days (2 months). The client is able to reject the assignment of VIP status
The company reserves the right to deprive the client's VIP status without assigning any reason

** In order to receive the interest a client must maintain a certain level of monthly trading activity. Please contact our Customer Support for more information.

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